Privacy Policies

Published: 23 May 2017
Updated: 23 May 2017

SmashTheCert.Com exists to share information that visitors may find useful in their endeavors to attain an IT industry certification, or to simply increase their proficiency with an operating system or other software for which tutorials and Q&A features may be published on the site.

SmashTheCert.Com does not currently collect or use any personally identifiable information from visitors to the site. However, certain metrics involved in serving requests for site content may be collected to assist in measuring traffic and profiling visitation patterns for marketing or site security purposes.

Advertisements may be shown on this site, as served by third party ad networks. Such networks may host advertisements that contain or communicate with systems that collect browsing data from many sources in order to tailor advertisements to a user’s specific browsing behaviors. None of this information is sent to or from SmashTheCert.Com.

As SmashTheCert.Com grows, it may become necessary to collect some personal information for the purpose of selling a product or providing another specific service, as requested by the visitor. This privacy statement will be updated to reflect any material changes at the time that such features are implemented in the public facing functionality of the site.

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